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Even Without You - CD Cover

"Even Without You"

Jenny Evans (vocals, song writer)
Geoff Goodman (electric guitar)
Alexander Haas (acoustic &12 string guitar)
Anna Rehker (cello)
Márcio Tubino (sax, flute, percussion)

Release date May 2020

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Order number: ESM LC 4535

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For the English jazz vocalist and actress Jenny Evans words are very important. In her new project “Even Without You” in which she writes all the music and lyrics she has approached a new genre: adult pop. She lays bare her artistic soul and sings about love, sorrow, passion and loss – poetically and humorously. Her music is based on jazz, blues, funk and has LatinAmerican and Oriental rhythms to move her audience's heart. Together with Alexander Haas she has arranged the songs in a minimalist way for guitar and cello sometimes with flute, sometimes with saxophone, sometimes with percussion so that the lyrics and their meaning come into their own. She is thrilled to be able to perform her works with musicians who are on her wavelength - Anna Rehker, cello and Alexander Haas, guitar as a trio and with Geoff Goodman, lead guitar and Márcio Tubino, reeds and percussion as quartet or quintet, as the case may be – musically refined, passionate and... with a sense of humour.

Be what you want to - CD Cover

"Be What You Want To"

Jenny Evans (voc)
Matthias Bublath (wurlitzer, accordion)

John Paiva (g, voc)
Stephan Eppinger (b, voc)
Otto Staniloi (tenor, sopran, bclar)
Manfred Mildenberger (dr)
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Release date November 4th, 2016

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When after thirty years Jenny Evans started getting into compositions by British blues, pop and rock musicians she was surprised how versified the musicians and the arrangements were and how much jazz elements she could hear. On her new CD Be What You Want To (Edition Collage, GLM) Jenny gives her jazzy rendition of songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Jethro Tull, Sting and The Eurythmics. There are also of her own compositions: the title song «Be What You Want To» and her jazz waltz «Star Song». With expert jazz musicians like John Paiva, guitar and vocals, Otto Staniloi, saxes and bass clarinet, Matthias Bublath, wurlitzer and accordion and Manfred Mildenberger, drums has shown how on her new CD she can really be what she wants to in jazz.

The Four Seasons of Love - CD Cover

"The Four Seasons Of Love"

feat. Paulo Morello (g)
Sven Faller (b)
Felix Sapotnik (sax, cl, fl)
PR 10 (Buy CD from ESM)

Release date November 4th, 2011

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When guitar player Paulo Morello played Jenny Evans one of his melodies a while back it was the start of a new musical project. Without further ado Jenny wrote lyrics to the tune and called the song «Like A Breath of Spring» and this gave rise to a whole new programme with songs inspired by the four seasons of the year. Jazz standards like find themselves in the company of classical melodies; a sonette by Shakespeare - is complemented by European compositions. Paulo has written a theme song specially for this project: «The Four Seasons Of Love» to which Jenny Evans wrote the lyrics.

Are you the man - CD Cover

"Are You The Man? a new Peter Kreuder songbook"

feat. Walter Lang (p)
Sven Faller (b)
Hajo Hadeln (dr)
Felix Sapotnik (sax, cl, fl)
ESM 9011 (Buy CD from ESM)

Release date May 30th, 2010

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The composer, Peter Kreuder (1905-81) is especially famous for the music he wrote for the german film industry. And it is Jenny Evans's highly individual and creative renditions that have earned her great respect among jazz connoisseurs. The English jazz vocalist is always interested in introducing new - and older - tunes and sounds to her audience. She and her band have created a modern Kreuder Song Book: waltzes have become bossa novas, marchessambas and foxtrots swingers.


"Lunar Tunes"

feat. Walter Lang (p)
Thomas Stabenow (b)
Rudi Martini (dr)
Márcio Tubino (ts, fl)
Ensemble Laurier (string quartet)
ENJ-9526 2 (Buy CD from ENJA)

Release date: 17 October, 2008

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play Moonlight On The Ganges

In the media:
„On her new CD Lunar Tunes jazz vocalist, Jenny Evans, sings us songs about the moon. In her own inimitable, jazzy style the English singer crosses over epoches and genres: from Glen Miller to Dvorak, von Erik Satie to Sting, from the Barock to the Orient. For this CD she has invited very special guests: the string quartet "Ensemble Laurier" and the Brazilian flute and saxophone player, Márcio Tubino.“


"Christmas Songs"

feat. Walter Lang (p, claviola, shruti box)
Thomas Stabenow (b)
Rudi Martini (dr)
ENJ-9481 2 (Buy CD from ENJA)

Release date: October 2005

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feat. Mulo Francel (saxes, b cl, mand)
Walter Lang (p)
Chris Lachotta (b)
Rudi Martini (dr)
Robert Kainar (perc)
ENJ-9467 2 (Buy CD from ENJA)
produced by Rudi M. Martini (2001)

Release date: 06 September, 2004

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In the media:

Awarded the German Jazz Critics Prize, 4th Quarter 04
"Not just inventive and interpreted with a musical love of detail that is practically perfect, Jenny Evans shows us a way out of the cul-de-sac of never ending standards that many other singers continue to sing." Ralf Thomas, Jazzthing


"Gonna Go Fishin'"

feat.Peter O'Mara (git)
Walter Lang (p)
Ingmar Heller (b)
Guido May (dr)
Biboul Darouiche (perc)
ENJ-9403 2 (Buy CD from ENJA)
produced by Rudi M. Martini (2001)

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In the media:

"Every note is just right and has a deliciously warm timbre; she leaves the fundamental harmonic structure of her songs intact. Yet, it is the elasticity of her phrasing, the way she stretches one syllable, speeds up another, the way she takes hold of a well-known tune and turns it into her own new personal song that makes Jenny Evans’s rendition special" Stefan Henzt, Financial Times


"Girl Talk"

feat. Gerd Bickel
Karsten Gnettner (b)
Stefan Eppinger(dr)
ENJ-9363 2 (Buy CD from ENJA)
produced by Rudi M. Martini

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In the media:

... Jenny Evans has come up with a product that is practically perfect. Accompanied by a swinging trio, Miss Evans celebrates the high art of jazz singing live in concert ... (Jazzthing, 5/99) (Jazzthing, 5/99)


"Shiny Stockings"

with Dusko Goykovich

feat. Dusko Goykovich (tp,flh)
Gianni Basso (ts)
David Gazarov (p)
Branko Pejakovic (b)
Rudi Martini (dr)
ENJ-9317 2 (Buy CD from ENJA)
produced by Rudi M. Martini (1997)

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Lloyd ESM Records/Bell Musik BLR 90.004

"... at Lloyds"

feat. The Rudi Martini Quartet:
Gerry Friedrich (ts, cl)
Otto Weiss (p)
Branko Pejakovic (b)
Rudi Martini (dr)

ESM Records/Bell Musik BLR 90.004 (Buy CD from ESM)
produced by Rudi M. Martini (1993)

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ESM Records/Bell Musik BLR 90.005

"Whisper Not"

feat. Lee Harper (tp)
Fritz Pauer (p)
Paulo Cardoso (b)
Roland Bankel (g)
Aldo Caviglia (dr)
ESM Records/Bell Musik BLR 90.005 (Buy CD from ESM)
produced by Rudi M. Martini (1988)

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