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Christmas Concert

Subtitle: This year's Christmas jazz concert
Description: Jenny Evans is pleased to have great musicians at her Christmas Concert this year: the pianist Heinz Frommeyer is back in Germany after many years in the US, Thomas Stabenow played upright bass on her Christmas Songs CD and Stephan Eppinger on drums accompanied her on her live CD Girl Talk in the early 1990s. Jenny brings together songs from all over the world: from mediaeval "Maria durch einen Dornwald ging", to Tudor "The Coventry Carol", right up to American Christmas classics like Mel Tourmé’s "The Christmas Song" and cleverly combines the popular 1950s hit "The Little Drummer Boy" with the plaintive "Nature Boy".
Date: 16.12.2023
City: Munich, Germany
Location: Jazzclub Unterfahrt
Entry: 19:30
Begin: 20:30
Address: Einsteinstrasse 42, D-81675 Munich